Renault Megane, Scenic

Since 1996 of release

Repair and car operation

Reno Megan, Stsenik
+ Cars of mark Renault Megane
+ Maintenance service
+ Engine repair
+ System of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
- Body
   Body and bottom service
   Care of an upholstery and rugs
   Restoration of insignificant damages of a body
   Considerable damages of a body - restoration
   Removal and installation of a forward bumper
   Removal and installation of a back bumper
   Removal, installation and cowl adjustment
   Removal and installation of a rope of the lock of a cowl
   Removal and installation of the lock of a cowl
   Removal and door installation
   Removal and installation of the panel of furnish of doors
   Removal and installation of the handle of a door and lock components
   Removal and installation of glass of a door window and window lifterа
   Removal and installation of a cover of a luggage carrier
   Removal and installation of components of the lock of a cover of a luggage carrier
   Removal and installation of a door of a luggage compartment
   Removal and installation of components of the lock of a back door
   Removal and installation of components of system of the uniform lock
   Removal and installation of components electric window lifterа
   Removal and installation of external mirrors and the connected components
   The wind and back has flown down - the general information
   The top hatch - the general information
   Removal and installation of external elements кузовной furnish
   Removal and installation of seats
   System of a tension of seat belts of forward seats - the general information
   Removal and installation of components of seat belts
   Removal and installation of elements of internal furnish of salon
   Removal and installation of the central console
   Removal and installation of assemblage of the panel of devices
   Control кузовные the sizes
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Restoration of insignificant damages of a body

Repair of insignificant scratches of a body

If colouring is scratched only, repair is very simple. Wipe the damaged area special structure to remove an exfoliating paint and to clear adjoining sites of a protective polyrole, then rinse with its pure water.
Paint over a scratch, using a thin brush; continue to put thin paint coats while the thickness of colouring of the damaged area will not be made even to surrounding layer. Allow to a new paint to dry at least two weeks, then polish area of a scratch and put on it a wax covering.
If the scratch has damaged body metal, causing a rust, apply other method of repair. Remove a rust from a bottom of a scratch a penknife, then put a first coat to prevent rust formation in the future. Using rubber or nylon аппликатор, fill a scratch наполнителем. If necessary, наполнитель it is possible to mix with special structure on the basis of cellulose to receive very thin paste, ideal for filling of narrow scratches. Before наполнитель in a scratch will harden, easily spend a tampon from the cotton fabric, the moistened cellulose structure, on a surface наполнителя that its level was hardly below a surrounding paint coat. The scratch can be painted now as it is described earlier in this Section.

Repair of dents

At the deep dent, the first problem consists in levelling a surface as it is possible more close to the initial form. There is no sense to try to restore the initial form completely as metal in the damaged area "was stretched" and cannot be completely returned to an initial contour. It is better to leave depth a dent approximately 3 mm. If the dent is superficial, it it is not necessary to do in general. If the dent underside is accessible, it can be levelled, softly tapping wooden or plastic рихтовочным with a hammer. Carrying out it, from dent lateral aspect put wooden брусок to extinguish excessive force of blows and thus to prevent a body from formation of cambers.
If the dent is in two-layer section of a body or its underside is not accessible for other reason, apply other technique. Drill some small apertures in the damaged area, first of all at the bottom of a dent. Screw in apertures long screws-samorezy so that to receive good capture of metal. Now the dent can be corrected flat-nose pliers.
The following stage of repair - removal of a paint from the damaged site. Thus it is necessary to grasp and surrounding intact area approximately on 2.5 see the Paint it is easily possible to remove by means of a metal brush or наждачного a circle, насаженных on an electrodrill. It can be executed and manually, by means of an emery paper. To provide good coupling with наполнителем, scratch a surface of metal a screw-driver or a file core, or, alternatively, drill in it some small apertures.
To finish repair, address to subsection “the First coat and painting”.

Repair of holes and the surfaces which have rusted through of a body

Remove all paint from the damaged zone and on 2.5 sm around, using a metal brush or наждачный a circle, насаженные on an electrodrill, or by means of an emery paper manually. Estimate gravity of corrosion and solve, to replace or restore the panel. New panels of a body are not so expensive, as many think, and it is better to establish the new panel, than to try to restore big коррозированные sites.
Remove the components established on the damaged zone, except for what will help to restore the initial form of a body (for example skeletons of headlights etc.). Then cut out all damaged or rusty metal and подрихтуйте aperture edges inside.
Smooth out a surface of edges from a rust. Cover the damaged area with an anticorrosive paint from two parties if it is possible.
Close up a hole an aluminium either plastic grid or an aluminium tape.
The aluminium either plastic grid or fiber glass is, possibly, best material for заделки the big apertures. Cut out a patch of the corresponding size and the form, then remove a paper basis (if it is used) and paste a tape on an aperture. It is possible to impose some layers of a tape if the thickness of one layer is insufficient. Spend along edges of a tape the screw-driver handle, providing a reliable attachment of a tape to metal.

Body repair - a first coat and painting

Before to undertake the actions described in this subsection, the subsection about repair of dents, deep scratches and holes see.
There are many types of first coats. Choose a set, including to bank наполнителя and a tube of a hardener of pitch which can be used directly from a tube. Besides, it is required to you wide flexible plastic or nylon аппликатор.
Mix a small amount наполнителя and a hardener on a piece of a pure cardboard or a board, accurately measuring a hardener (follow instructions of the manufacturer), differently наполнитель will harden too quickly or too slowly. Using аппликатор, put наполнитель on the prepared area and level a surface аппликатором. Do not level наполнитель too long, in due course it becomes sticky and sticks on аппликатор. With 20-minute intervals continue to put thin layers наполнителя while its level will not be made even to metal of a surrounding part of a body.
If наполнитель has hardened, its surplus can be removed a file. Then the surface should be processed several grades of an emery paper, since more rough and passing to skins with small granularity. Thus turn a skin round flat бруска to achieve a flat surface. Periodically moisten most мелку a skin that the surface ground by it became absolutely smooth.
At this stage "dent" should be surrounded by a ring of the naked metal surrounded in turn with a ring of good colouring. Rinse repaired area with pure water to remove the emery paper rests.
Spray a first coat small amount on a processed surface is will reveal any defects of a surface наполнителя. Liquidate these defects a new layer of a first coat or наполнителя and again grind a surface a skin. Mix наполнитель with special structure on the basis of cellulose that thin paste, ideal for filling of small deepenings was formed. Repeat this procedure, be not convinced yet that the surface is perfect. Rinse area of repair with pure water and allow to it to dry up completely.
The repair area is ready now to painting. Paint dispersion should be made in warm, dry and windless weather or in not dusty premise. If you work indoors, sprinkle a floor water to besiege a dust. If the repair area is limited to one panel of a body, cover surrounding panels, it will help to minimise effect of small discrepancy of shades of a paint. (For example, the chromeplated strips, handles, doors etc.), also it is necessary to cover the components established on a body. Use for this purpose a sticky tape and some layers of a newsprint.
Before dispersion, well shake up a bottle with a paint, then fulfil a painting technique on a trial surface (old tin, etc.). Cover repair area with a thick layer of the first coat consisting of put consistently thin layers, and allow to it to dry up properly. Grind a surface of a first coat the smallest skin, periodically moistening it in an operating time, rinse the ground surface and again allow to it to dry up.
Spray a paint, putting to its thin layers. Begin dispersion in the centre of painted area, then circular motions reach its edges and pass them approximately on 5 see After 10-15 minutes after dispersion remove a covering from surrounding panels.
Allow to a new paint to dry at least two weeks, then use special polishing structure to merge its edges with old colouring. In summary, cover repair area with wax structure.

Plastic components

With increase in number of plastic components of the body used by manufacturers (bumpers, spoilers and sometimes the main panels of a body), repair of their serious damages becomes a choice question: to charge this work to the expert or to replace a component. Independent repair of such damage is impossible, owing to high cost of the equipment and the materials demanded for such repair. At first along a crack line do a flute, then in it place a special plastic core and make crack welding, расплавляя a core by means of a pistol submitting hot air. Surplus plastic наполнителя then delete and grind the formed surface. It is important to use correct type of plastic as case components can be made of plastic of various types.
Damages of less serious character (an attrition, small cracks etc.) can be eliminated owners by means of two-componental эпоксидной pitches. Mixed from an equal proportion, it is applied similarly наполнителю, used on metal panels of a body. Pitch of the usual hardens for 20-30 minutes then the repair area is ready to зачистке and painting.
If the owner replaces or repairs a component independently, it will face a problem of selection of the paint compatible to given type of plastic since the universal paint, suitable for all types of plastic, does not exist. Hence, for selection of the necessary paint it is necessary to address on HUNDRED. However, now probably to get a set for painting of plastic parts of the body, consisting of наполнителя, first coats and paints. The complete set is usually accompanied by instructions, but basically use method consists under repair damages, drying (till 30 minutes), the subsequent application of a first coat which dry within an hour before colouring. As a result - colour is picked up correctly, and the paint possesses properties of flexible plastic or rubber.