Renault Megane, Scenic

Since 1996 of release

Repair and car operation

Reno Megan, Stsenik
+ Cars of mark Renault Megane
+ Maintenance service
+ Engine repair
+ System of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
- Brake system
   Prorolling of hydrosystem of brakes
   Replacement of brake tubes and hoses
   Replacement колодок forward brake mechanisms
   Replacement колодок back brake mechanisms
   Survey, removal and installation of a disk of the forward brake mechanism
   Removal, survey and installation of drums of back brake mechanisms
   Removal, partition and installation of supports of forward brake mechanisms
   Removal and installation of the cylinder of the back brake mechanism
   Removal, partition and installation of the main cylinder
   Removal and installation of a pedal of a brake
   Check, removal and installation of the block of the vacuum amplifier
   Removal, check and installation of the unilateral valve of the block of the vacuum amplifier
   Adjustment of a manual brake
   Removal and installation of the lever of a manual brake
   Removal and installation of ropes of a manual brake
   Check, removal and installation of the valve of adjustment of pressure in back brake mechanisms
   Removal, installation and adjustment of the switch of lanterns
   The general description of system of antiblocking of brakes (ABS)
   Removal and installation of components of system ABS
   Removal and installation of the vacuum pump (diesel engines)
   Check of serviceability and partition of the vacuum pump (diesel engines)
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Removal, partition and installation of supports of forward brake mechanisms


1. Cock a manual brake, then поддомкратьте a forward part of the car and establish it on axial props. Remove a wheel.
2. Uncover the tank of the main cylinder and again tighten it, having enclosed under it a polyethylene piece to receive hermetic consolidation and to prevent liquid loss. Alternatively, press a hose a special clip or a clamp.
3. Clear area round connecting муфты a support hose, then ослабьте муфту. Disconnect a socket of conducting of the gauge of deterioration Pads and let out wires from fixing скоб.
4. Loosen the also remove bolts of the top and bottom directing pins of a support, having blocked pins a thin wrench. Will throw out bolts, they are subject to replacement. Lift a support from a brake disk, then turn away it from the hose end. Закупорьте the hose end. To minimise loss of a liquid and to prevent penetration into dirt system. Pay attention that brake Pads can be left in working position in a support arm.


1. Place a support on a workbench and clear it of a dust and a dirt, trying not to inhale the particles which have risen in air as it is unhealthy.
2. Accurately remove a lock ring from an outer side of dustproof consolidation of a support. Take from a support partially left piston and remove dustproof consolidation. If the piston does not manage to be taken, push out it, having submitted air to an aperture муфты a brake hose by means of the foot pump. Work very cautiously, do not substitute under the piston fingers.
3. By means of a small screw-driver take hydraulic consolidation of the piston, trying not to damage the support channel.
4. Carefully clear all components, using only methyl/izopropilovyj spirit or a pure brake liquid. Never apply mineral solvents of type of gasoline as they will put out of commission rubber components of brake hydrosystem. Dry components the compressed air or pure, dense (without pile) a fabric. Use compressed air to blow channels.
5. Examine all components and replace worn out and damaged. Will give particular attention to walls of the cylinder and the piston; it is necessary to replace them (pay attention that it means replacement of full assemblage of a support) if they are scratched, worn out or treated to corrosion action. Check up a condition of directing pins and from protective covers; both pins should slide in a support arm hardly enough. If there are any doubts concerning a condition of any of components, replace it.
6. If assemblage is suitable for the further use, get the corresponding repair complete set of details. Rubber уплотнители it is necessary to replace all; they cannot be used repeatedly.
7. Before assemblage be convinced that all components pure and dry.
8. Impregnate the piston and its new hydraulic consolidation by a pure brake liquid. Grease with a pure liquid internal walls of the cylinder.
9. Establish new hydraulic consolidation of the piston in a cylinder flute, without using any tools.
10. Establish new dustproof consolidation in a piston flute, then accurately insert the piston into the cylinder, using a rotary motion. Displace the piston into position, then establish an external ledge of dustproof consolidation on a support and attach its lock ring.
11. If directing pins are subject to replacement, grease new pins with the special greasing entering into the rubber complete set, and establish in flutes of pins protective covers. Insert pins into an arm of a support and place protective covers in arm flutes.


1. Screw a support on connecting муфту a hose.
2. Be convinced that brake Pads were not displaced in an arm of a support and establish a support, watching an arrangement of a wire of the gauge of deterioration колодок.
3. Be convinced that springs колодок are established correctly, then press a support and establish new bolts of directing pins. Tighten both bolts, since bottom, the effort resulted in Specifications.
4. Tighten a connecting nut of a brake hose the regulated effort of an inhaling, then remove a clip from a brake hose or polyethylene from under a tank cover.
5. Pump over brake hydrosystem as it is described in Section Prorolling of hydrosystem of brakes. Pay attention that if the safety measures have been accepted, called to minimise loss of a brake liquid, it is required to pump over only the given forward brake.
6. Establish a wheel, then lower the car on the earth and tighten wheel bolts the effort resulted in Specifications.