Renault Megane, Scenic

Since 1996 of release

Repair and car operation

Reno Megan, Stsenik
+ Cars of mark Renault Megane
+ Maintenance service
+ Engine repair
+ System of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, release
- Engine electric equipment
   - Charge and start systems
      Short circuit search
      Test and accumulator gymnastics
      Removal and accumulator installation
      Test of system of a charge
      Removal, installation and tension drive a generator belt
      Removal and generator installation
      Check and generator partition
      Check of serviceability of system of start
      Removal and starter installation
      Test and starter partition
      Removal and installation of the lock of ignition
      Removal and installation of the switch of a control lamp of pressure of oil
      Removal and installation of the gauge of level of oil
   + Ignition system - petrol models
   + System of preheat of the diesel engine
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Removal and accumulator installation

If the radio tape recorder in your car is coded before to disconnect the battery, be convinced that you know a code.



1. The accumulator is in the right back part of an impellent compartment (address to an accompanying illustration).

2a. Turn away fixing screws.

2b. Remove a lattice of a box of an air flow on the right side. The internal end of a lattice is necessary for disconnecting from the left lattice (address to illustrations).

3. Loosen the a plastic nut of the plug also disconnect a negative clip from the accumulator.

4. Loosen the a plastic nut of the plug also disconnect a wire of the positive plug (address to an accompanying illustration).

5a. Turn away a special bolt.

5b. Remove fixing clip of the accumulator (address to illustrations).

6. Remove the accumulator from the car.
7. If it is necessary, remove an accumulator tray.



1. The accumulator is in special branch, under the right forward seat.

2. Remove a seat completely back, then release two levers on the inclined core of blocking (address to an accompanying illustration).

3. Loosen the two nuts on a longitudinal core of adjustment also lift a core upwards. Incline a seat back to get access to a cover of the storage battery.
4. Turn two connectors of a cover on a turn quarter counter-clockwise and uncover.
5. Loosen the a nut also disconnect a negative mode from the accumulator.
6. Loosen the a nut also disconnect a wire of the positive plug.
7. Turn away two bolts and remove fixing clip of the accumulator.
8. Remove the accumulator from the car.



1. Make installation in return sequence, grease with plug vaseline, and always at first connect a positive wire, and after - negative.