Renault Megane, Scenic

Since 1996 of release

Repair and car operation

Reno Megan, Stsenik
+ Cars of mark Renault Megane
+ Maintenance service
+ Engine repair
+ System of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
- Onboard electric equipment
   The general description of search of malfunctions in electric equipment system
   The general description of fuses and the relay
   Removal and installation of switches
   Replacement of lamps (external lighting devices)
   Replacement of lamps (lanterns of illumination of salon)
   Removal and installation of blocks of external lanterns
   The general description of adjustment of a direction of an optical axis of light of headlights
   Removal and installation of the instrument panel
   Removal and installation of components of the instrument panel
   Removal and installation of the multipurpose display
   Removal and installation прикуривателя
   Removal and installation of hours
   Removal and installation of sound signals
   Removal and installation of the lever of a screen wiper
   Removal and installation of the motor of a screen wiper and draught
   Removal and installation of the motor of a screen wiper of back glass
   Removal and installation of components of system of a washer of wind glass / a back door
   Removal and radio tape recorder installation
   Removal and installation of loudspeakers
   Removal and radio antenna installation
   The anticreeping alarm system and иммобилизатор the engine
   Removal and installation of components of the electric drive/heating of a forward seat
   System of pillows of safety - the general information and safety measures
   Removal and installation of components of pillows of safety
+ Electric equipment schemes

Removal and radio antenna installation


1. The radio antenna mast is rolled in assemblage of the basis and acts in film extremely simply.

2. For aerial removal in gathering it is necessary to dismantle the ceiling console preliminary. Shift forward a forward cover of the console, then disconnect from it an electric socket. Turn out fixing screws, then shift the console forward and separate it from the roof panel. Disunite electric sockets and take the console from car salon. At a corresponding complete set, remove a protective cap, then give a nut of fastening of antenna assemblage (address to an accompanying illustration). Disconnect from the aerial a wire and take assemblage from a roof. Pay attention to presence of a rubber sealant.


1. Installation is made upside-down.