Renault Megane, Scenic

Since 1996 of release

Repair and car operation

Reno Megan, Stsenik
+ Cars of mark Renault Megane
+ Maintenance service
+ Engine repair
- System of cooling, heating
   Separation and replacement of hoses of system of cooling
   Removal, survey and radiator installation
   Removal, check of serviceability and thermostat installation
   Serviceability check, removal and electrofan installation
   Serviceability check, removal and installation of gauges of system of cooling
   Removal and installation of the water pump
   The general description of a heater
   Removal and installation of components of a heater (all models except Scenic)
   Removal and installation of components of a heater (model Scenic)
   The general description and precautions - air central air
   Removal and installation of components of a central air of air
+ Power supply systems, release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

The general description of a heater

The heater consists of the motor of a supercharger, ventilating дефлекторов in the centre and in trailer sites of the instrument panel and the air lines going to glasses of forward doors, to a windscreen and to forward and back niches for feet.
Handles on the control panel a heater/ventilation located on the instrument panel, reject заслонки that allows to mix its arriving air in various parts of system. Заслонки are located in a casing воздухораспределителя.
Fresh air gets to system through a box lattice приточного air, located at a windscreen. If it is required, the involved air stream amplifies a supercharger. Fulfilled air is deduced from car salon through special channels in a back part of the car. If heating is required, air is passed through the heater heat exchanger.
Some models are supplied by the handle including a mode recycling of air. In this mode giving of external air in salon stops. It allows to prevent if necessary penetration into salon of an unpleasant smell and fulfilled gases (for example, at heavy traffic).