Renault Megane, Scenic

Since 1996 of release

Repair and car operation

Reno Megan, Stsenik
+ Cars of mark Renault Megane
+ Maintenance service
+ Engine repair
- System of cooling, heating
   Separation and replacement of hoses of system of cooling
   Removal, survey and radiator installation
   Removal, check of serviceability and thermostat installation
   Serviceability check, removal and electrofan installation
   Serviceability check, removal and installation of gauges of system of cooling
   Removal and installation of the water pump
   The general description of a heater
   Removal and installation of components of a heater (all models except Scenic)
   Removal and installation of components of a heater (model Scenic)
   The general description and precautions - air central air
   Removal and installation of components of a central air of air
+ Power supply systems, release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Serviceability check, removal and electrofan installation


1. Power supplies to the fan move through the lock of ignition and the fuse (address to the Head the Onboard electric equipment). The chain becomes isolated a thermoswitch of the fan which is established in the left part of a radiator.
2. If the fan does not work, at first check up the fuse. Start the engine, warm up it to normal working temperature and allow to it to idle. The fan should join within several minutes (before the arrow of the index will pass to a red part of a scale or the control lamp of temperature of a cooling liquid will light up). If it not so, switch off ignition and disconnect a socket of electroconducting from the fan switch. Connect two contacts of a socket by a wire-crosspiece and include ignition. If the fan works now, the switch is faulty also it it is necessary to replace.
3. If the fan still does not work, be convinced that pressure in a feeding wire corresponds to pressure of the accumulator; if it not so, feeding conducting is damaged. If the submitting part of a chain is serviceable, check up resistance between the negative plug of the switch and a weight point on a body. If the current does not pass, contact of connection to weight is defective.
4. If the switch and electroconducting are serviceable, damaged the fan motor. To be convinced of it, disconnect from it a plait of wires and bring to the motor pressure in 12В.


1. Disconnect a cable of weight from the battery (on models Scenic address to the Head an engine Electric equipment).
2. Where it is necessary, disconnect the tank of hydrosystem of the amplifier of a steering and take away it from the fan.
3. On models with air conditioner ослабьте also remove bolts and nuts of fastening and separate the tank of the filter-dehumidifier from a back part of a radiator.

On separate tubes bearing a coolant. The Precautions resulted in Section the General description and precautions - air central air see.

4. Disconnect a socket of electroconducting from the motor of the fan and take away wires from a fan casing (address to an accompanying illustration).

5. Loosen the also remove bolts, fastening a fan casing to a back part of a radiator, then take assemblage from an impellent compartment.
6. If it is necessary, pull out fixing skobu/turn on the fastening screw (depending on model) and remove крыльчатку the fan from a motor shaft. Disconnect the motor and remove it from a casing. If the motor is faulty, replace it as motor repair is impossible.


1. Make installation in return sequence, paying attention to the following:
a) Before installation examine fastenings of a casing of the fan and replace them if they are worn out or damaged.
b) Be convinced that electroconducting is laid correctly and attached by all скобами and couplers.
Establish a radiator as Removal, survey and radiator installation is described in Section.